About asign

Underlying all of web products company is own-developed CMS - «eEgnith», which allows you to create unique products of any difficulty that can satisfy needs of even the the most exacting customer.All products are based on technology php, mysql, html / xhtml, css, xml, as well as using the framework jQuery for JS.

Platform includes a modular structure, support multiple languages (from the experience of our work - the most languages requested by the client was 8), no templates concept, «eEgnith» integrates into any design, there is no need to  structural design to come under CMS.

Among our customers are many famous brands.

Our company consists of designers, web developers, programmers, photographers and specialists in marketing and finance.

Proper distribution of work, quality and deadlines control allows us to efficiently perform the set of our customers  tasks and to be proud of our work.

Flexible and calculated approach to meet all the needs of each customer, beginning from design specification,  form and payment schedule and execution of works, making us one of the most customer-oriented companies in the market.